Buying Chateaus in France

Castle Hunters

If you’ve dreamed of buying a castle in France,  you won’t want to miss this episode of Castle Hunters.  If you haven’t dreamed of buying a castle in France, you’re either not getting enough sleep, or you’re holding yourself back.

At any given time, there are over 2,000 chateaus for sale in France.  They can range in price from a couple hundred thousand Euro to several million.  Every region has these beautiful buildings either tucked away in small villages, like the lovely stone edifice in Nadaillac de Rouge in the Dordogne, below:

Nadaillac de Rouge chateau
Privately Owned Chateau in Nadaillac de Rouge

The one percent in France may have had an inordinate share of wealth in the days before the Revolution, but they also had very good taste.  Many of these lovely old complexes inspired what we’ve come to know as fairy tales.  It’s not hard to imagine royals, and fair maidens, and knights in shining armor cavorting on the grounds and in the great halls and hallways of an ancient French castle.  Because the French take such pride in their heritage, many of chateaus have been lovingly restored like the one in Nadaillac de Rouge and are still occupied.  But because the costs of restoration and maintenance are so daunting, many are in ruins, and are abandoned and decaying, like the Vielle Forge, a Napoleonic era chateau near Nadaillac:

Old Forge Near Souillac
The Old Forge

The French bureaucracy has created many obstacles to non-French citizens wanting to purchase and either restore or maintain old chateaus.  They’ve also created some incentives, so don’t give up on the dream!  I haven’t.  I’ll let you know as soon as I buy my first chateau.  And if you’d like to be part of an investment group dedicated to buying a castle in France, let me know.  We’re planning to make our first purchase in 2016.

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